Protective Coating Application -Bronze E Learning

Protective Coating Application -Bronze E Learning


TTP Bronze – E:Learning

In response to popular demand SSPC Train the painter is offering an
alternative method of achieving the globally accredited Bronze Coating
Applicator qualification – online Five from the six theoretical modules
are now available online for students to study in their own time
offering flexibility with less time in the classroom and off the tools.
Students are now only required to attend one day in the classroom to
study the Health and Safety modules and one day of practical training.
Students are still required to complete and pass all assessments to
achieve the 5 year SSPC Train the painter ID card with CSCS
accreditation. Spray Painting and Abrasive Blast Cleaning courses are
still held in the classroom


  • Our trainer registers  the delegate onto the TTP website
  • A registration form on behalf of the delegate is completed by us,  delegates will get an email with details of how to log on.
  • The delegate can now log into Online TTP via the link on the email – to then complete all training and end-of-unit assessments.
  • Once all end of unit assessments are complete they see a message.

Our trainer will get a message similar to this one letting them know the delegate has completed online TTP.

  • At this point the results will be automatically updated on the delegates record within the main TTP site.



Once the online training has been completed dates can then be set
between our training centre and the delegate (or the company) for when
the 2 days of protective coating applicator bronze training/ assessment
can be delivered.

Day 1: Classroom-based theory covering the content of the health and safety module followed by an end-of-unit assessment.

Day 2: Practical training and assessment and
multiple choice theory final examination on all 6 modules that make up
the Train the Painter Bronze course.

The results from the Health and Safety and Practical units will then
be uploaded onto your record and submitted to TTP for certification



If successful, delegates will receive a SSPC Train the Painter Bronze
applicator 5 year ID card.    The card will also have the CSCS logo
meaning students will also be recognised as CSCS trained. 


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